About Rachel


I have been delivering mental health awareness training in schools, colleages and universities for six years now and I am delighted to be able to offer the Youth Mental Health First Aid course through MHFA England. Having suffered with mental illness as a teenager, the importance of having people trained to spot and assist with mental illness in young people is one which resonates strongly with me and I have used MHFA skills many times in my own work with young people and schools.

I have been working with MHFA England for a few years now and you can spot me in some of their training materials, as well as speaking at conferences and plenary sessions for both Youth and Adult MHFA Instructors. I am a confident trainer, having previously delivered mental health training to rowdy teenagers and I think humour and personal experience goes a long way in making the course an excellent choice for anybody who works with young people.

I mainly deliver in London, specifically South London but please get in touch if you have any specific requests.